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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Both hives have made it through the winter (what winter...?), took off the door restricter as there were loads of activity and most were queuing to get in. Nice to see so many coming back with fully laden with pollen
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    Beekeeping Suit

    Got both our suits last year, same stile and price not sure same vendor. They're good for the price. Our veil doesn't totally unzip for washing - this is the only issue we have to date
  3. troedyrhiw

    Hazels out.

    Got some bushes in flower by us, and one of our hives was out on thursday. The other hive thought it too cold - it was 8C so you can't blame them for wanting to stay in.
  4. troedyrhiw

    We got pigs again!

    ...and the meat came back today, the sausages and kidney was great! Can't wait to try roast.
  5. troedyrhiw

    Is Summer over ?

    I don't thinks summer is over yet. I just popped my head over the apiary fence to see the bees more active than ever. A sea of foraging bees were clearly visible heading down the mountain towards the town, (I did notice the were bringing pollen back as my first thought was they were being robbed).
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    We got pigs again!

    Thanks for the tip, they do appear to be growing rather quickly! They've settled in well and got used to the feed bucket very quickly and they are a lot more chatty when they see you.
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    Queen Cell in 2013 nuc

    Best leave her a lone for a few weeks then & hopefully she'll be mated before end of season
  8. troedyrhiw

    Queen Cell in 2013 nuc

    Meant there was a sealed queen cell that looked like it had hatched, but given it's only been 6 days it couldn't of hatch??
  9. troedyrhiw

    Queen Cell in 2013 nuc

    Hi, did an inspection today, 6 days on after feeding the hive all week. The bees have been very active, plenty of pollen and nectar flow. When we opened the hive today, the bees were more alarmed than normal, less calm and more reactive when we lifted the centre frames. We also saw an open...
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    Courgette for tea... for a month

    Thanks for the suggestions... Hmmm cake :)
  11. troedyrhiw

    Courgette for tea... for a month

    Got one in the oven stuffed with home grown lamb mince, onions and herbs... smells great! It's a pity it's my first year as a beekeeper as I don't have any 'nice' honey to glaze it with. Still they'll be some left for next year. LOL
  12. troedyrhiw

    Courgette for tea... for a month

    Someone said this year was great for courgettes... ... At 4.4Kg it looks like I know what's for tea for september :)
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    Been there, done it, didn't buy the T-shirt!
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    Just found dead queen, what to do?

    Looking at the picture it looks like she's been squashed (looks like insides on the outside near a tear), that would be so unlucky if it did :(
  15. troedyrhiw

    Queen Cell in 2013 nuc

    Wow, what a difference a day makes! It's OMF so I decided it wouldn't make much difference if I turned the brood box around, and I've reduced the entrance to a smaller gap already - no wasps around but didn't want to risk it. Went down to reduce hive down etc as suggested above. But when I got...