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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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What would your ideal smallholding be like?

I think I would like around 4 acres with pigs a goat a nice Apiary and a few meat birds and chickens for eggs.
may be up to 10 Acres.

On a bit of a hill/ in a valley, with a good fast flowing stream in it, so I can use it to power a generator!

A 2/3 acres of woodland, a large pond (just big enough for a small row boat)

Bee, hens, pigs, goat or two.

Nuclear bunker, (you never know)

Nice house, quite modern.
About a 6000 acre western red cedar forest with a log cabin in the middle,and the next door neighbours about 200 miles away,and some chickens.
You could be right Jon, propety prices being low now,do you want to come in halves with me if its cheap enough. Its them cedar tree's i,m really after,you can have the rest.
Would there be anything left once the cedar trees are gone?
Yes, Jonathan. and a lot of open space. not really,i would get you to re-plant it admin.
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