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Jul 30, 2019
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Titterstone clee South Shropshire
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35 this winter
My OT abiding memory of the area is going down to box hill in the 1980's with a few friends so we were in a car, we were overtaking someone on the A24 so we were in the outside lane and ourselves getting overtaken by a bike. Thing was he didn't wait until we were past the car and moved in he did it at the same time the gap between us and the then wooded central reservation was at max 3 feet. Ducati 900 SS so quite a narrow bike but still not something I would have done if the roles were reversed. Oh and both going at at least 60mph.
Crazy what some bikers do, my brother has a honda fireblade.
Some years ago when I was travelling down the Abergavenny road from Hereford (a465) there's a straight mile which is called didley straight just before kilpeck.

I was tanking on at 70 ish, my brother came shooting past doing a wheeley and disappeared into the distance still wheeling crazy fool..

I've been on the back of his bike down didley doing 130 mph he had to pull over when we got to Pandy as I was feeling a bit.....  :puke:thoughs were the days, he now has a corvette made of fibre glass with a 5.7ltr engine.
Give me a little 1.1 fiesta any day.

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