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Apr 13, 2009
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SE London
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Further to the advice given on my previous thread about replacing a failing Queen I am in the market for a newly mated Queen.

Without wishing to start a "mines better than yours" debate, can anyone suggest a supplier for a Beek in his first year etc.

Many thanks.

I got a queen from Thornes last year, late August time. Classed in their catalogue as British Hybrid, she wasn't the cheapest of queens, but I will get best part of 100lbs of honey from her hive. I've already had over 60 from it :svengo: :svengo:

As PH said try Bickerstaffes, you also have the option of going for a A.m.m. from him too.
Not bad pricing either, £17.95 delivered to your door
It sounds like Mike will have Norton queens next week.
Possibly the best Queens in the world ?
If they arrive Mike, can I purchase one from you please?
Many thanks.
Interesting you can work the emoticons Mike but have trouble with PM's!

The tenor of the international conversation led one to think the wee wordie IF was full of connotations. ;)

HI baggieboing
STILL WAITING no reply from my Email. 100 ordered this will be three deliveries so far if they all turn up!!!

I WILL HAVE 200 Slovenian queens I have to pick up at Heathrow airport of Friday.
Ordered as a precaution last week. IF the Nortons Cyprus Super queens don’t arrive! Or half of um turns up as the last lot did.
How the hell can you rely on a service like this?

All the best mike
Progress of the parcel you've enquired about is displayed below.

Status: Delivered
Signed for by: MRS ROBERTS

Parcel tracks

Date Time Location Tracking Event

24-07-2009 09:47 Gloucester Depot Parcel delivered
24-07-2009 01:45 Gloucester Depot Out for delivery
24-07-2009 00:36 Gloucester Depot Arrived at delivery depot
23-07-2009 18:48 National Hub Sorted in hub
23-07-2009 18:14 International Hub En route to delivery depot
23-07-2009 18:12 International Hub Arrived in destination country
22-07-2009 13:15 Delivery Agent - LARNACA - PTT Left origin country
22-07-2009 13:10 Delivery Agent - LARNACA - PTT Arrived at Outward OE
Not that I doubt you will get one, but if you haven't, it would be worth giving Peter Kemble a ring (Kemble Bee Supplies, near Hastings).

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