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dale popham

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Jun 30, 2009
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Ashford kent
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Can anyone help I have 2 national hives both facing south one I purchased about 7weeks ago and the other one a day or so ago from mike lane who is a member on here. I Set up mikes hive the other day and placed 5 frames from nuc box and 5 new frames (only a small colony) in hive with a feed. they look happy little bees and are well busy. They seem to get up at 7am and go to bed about 9pm. but the other hive they get up 11am and bed about 7pm . Mikes hive I have reduced the opening and the other hive is fully open.
The first hive the was a bad queen and was not laying so i knocked the queen on the head and introduced new swarm with paper method. But then new swarm cleared off. So I then brought new nuc from guy at are club. And with his advise just through frames and bees in with eggs and good brood.
I did see the queen, and was quite happy with eggs that I see on last inspection . But they do seem slow drawing frames they have only just started super frames. The first hive is shaded till 10am until full sun hits it . Mikes hive is about 3 foot from it. I am thinking could it be the hive is to cold
until mid morning . I hope you can make sense of this garble but would appreciate sum ideas to work with many thanks dale

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