What's flowering as forage in your area

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Lovely. Mine always do well
This year I remembered to cut almost all of the leaves off them in January. Is that what you do? I’ve heard it enables the plants to throw up more flowers, but until this year hadn’t done it. It seems counterintuitive.
Bit chilly but sun is out. All five hives flying. Skimmia seems to be popular.


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Unpruned apricot tree today, in Conwy Valley, north Wales. Covered in honeybees.
My apricot is just starting to show signs of blossom, do you happen to know what variety yours is? Do you get a regular crop of tasty apricots? My trees been in the ground 4 years and I have yet to have a single fruit unfortunately.
We have had a couple of apricot trees with varied results but peach leaf curl was always a real problem with them.

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