what is a mentor?

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i have no intention of charging for my time at the shed because if there is one or five people there it still has to be done, and the reason why i do what i do as a mentor is simple. in 1982 at high school my old farm tutor peter hepworth and a friend of the family allowed me to start in that way, and it was done under the idea that i start at least someone on the road to being a beek as payment to them

that is the best payment ever, I so wish I was allowed to keep bees and lived a lot closer to you (although if I win the loto and can buy a house with 3 acres on it I can keep them)
as it is im asking down here if some one will do something similar for me, but instead of me taking the hive home run it from their plot and split the work load.
I can now post and say I have the perfect mentoree. If such a word exists?

Only down side is he is sabotaging my efforts to move north.. tells me I canna go yet....LOL

Good news PH. I love having mentees. They make beekeeping more fun and much more sociable.

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