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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Though I mis heard it on the tv they said it was going to be -16 in scotland :svengo:
That is low...

Last time I had that was Niagara Falls in Jan and it was lovely.

However please remember Scotland is a big place... so it does not mean a blanket temp.

We are heading for Stonehaven for the Fireballs (check utube for vids AND BE JEALOUS..LOL) on Hogmany night and then up to Loch Muick for New Years Day. If I remember I will take the high and low thermometer with me as last time at Loch Muick the Motor Home safety valve tripped and dumped our water... and believe me that is a show stopper.

This time I intend the boiler locker to be packed out with insulation and hopefully we will be able to shower in the morning. :)

The dogs Namely one Lurcher and one Whippet who are VERY temperature sensitive.

But when they snuggle up on the settee they will be fine :cheers2:- just quick walks in the cold - or wee coats :coolgleamA:

We have more snow forecast for 4th Jan. Till then - rain
Niver fear Heather they have coats and are expert settee merchants, as you know...LOL

My sammy bitch changes up 3 gears during cold weather :). The sammy is supposed to tolerate -50 to +30c .


Here she is enjoying the festivities , she is a complete bimbo :smilielol5:

John Wilkinson
We've been having that sort of night temperature for around a week now, and the Met Office says -10C for Perthshire tonight. Early this morning we had several more inches of snow, and the 10 inches that fell on the A9 between Glasgow and Perth shut the road for 9 hours. I'm in the low-lying area E of Perth, and we've probably not had the -16C but we have had continuous snow cover for a week and really cold nights - which has stopped me opening hives for the oxalic treatment.

Pete, Stonehaven should be above freezing by the end of the week but the forecast says that there will be a raw E breeze coming off the North Sea. Early tomorrow morning I'm taking the kids skiing at Glen Shee, just a few miles W of Loch Muick! Hope it warms a little for you by then (it should, but it will still be cold).

all the best

Thanks Gavin we are keeping an eye on the forecasts.

We were going to be travelling a bit earlier but are still painting gloss here... 14 doors and seemingly endless skirting... Hope to be finished tomorrow and travelling up on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Very cold here in Perth, -11.4 C at 10.30am this morning, First year beekeeping and have been nursing them since I got my nuc at the end of June from my local association.
They expanded quickly and I managed to get a little honey, 15LB

Gave them a full 12.5kg of fondant on top of the QE on 21/11/09 and insulated the hive with polystyrene the same day. (see pic)
When I gave them their OA treatment on 17/12/09 the fondant had formed little stalagmites through the bars on the QE and everything looked okay.

I guess there isn't much more I can do to help them through this very cold winter?
Funfly, did you find it hard to get the QE off to treat?

The one issue with fondant seems to be everything gets stuck together when you need to get access.

No more difficult than usual, only treated over the centre part of the brood box where 90% of the bees where. The fondant and QE came off and went back on together.
Bought the ready made up OA from Thorne's and used a syringe which I bought from a local vet place for .17p to measure and administer the treatment.
Sounds like you are a much more organised beekeeper than me! I haven't ventured out yet today, but I can believe those temperatures - I'm 10 miles E of Perth. Sounds like you have done everything you can for the bees and I'm sure that they will be fine now until spring. I don't bother with insulation as damp is normally more of a problem than cold, but this winter yours may feel the benefit. What local association did you go to - Dunbalne and Stirling? There is a quiescent local BKA in Perth and the secretary seems amenable to trying to reinvigorate it.

all the best

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Joined the Fife Beekeepers Assoc who work very closely with DW Assoc both very helpful
Yes, they are an active and helpful bunch. If you are going to the talk in Cupar in the middle of Feb I may see you then.

all the best


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