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Mar 26, 2009
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northants uk
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inspected my hive this morning and found my queen walking around with only half her body and no queen cells present. i have needless to say removed her maj and i urgently require a new queen to replace her.

is anyone able to help?
Is there any young brood they can make Q cells on?

She couldn`t have survived like that for very long so you`ve probably got young brood somewhere.

yes have young brood but not many if any droons so am not holding out that way. would prefer just to get a new queen and introduce her into the hive.
Hi burch I know its a stressful time but by the time you get a queen they may just have raised one by then. By all means order a queen and introduce her but in the meantime observe the bees and see how they handle it.
Not being orrid
But do you think you may have have done this, as she coudnt live that long with only half a body , if you relook at see how old the brood is and you will probably realise when this may have happened, like the others I would wait and see what happens before getting a new queen.