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From Glossop, North Derbyshire, UK
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Mar 11, 2021
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Glossop, North Derbyshire
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4 to 12!
On of my hives swarmed today - a few days ago I inspected it and found a recently emerged QC (?EQC but on bottom of frame) and a bunch of sealed EQCs. Not knowing if a virgin was in the hive (&no sign of the old Q) I pulled halve a dozen virgins from ripe QCs and destroyed the rest (I thought).
Having caught the smallish swarm (presume cast) it's in a nuc box between 2 other hives. I was about to go away for a few days as they swarmed so that's all I've done except add some frames of foundation to avoid wild comb.
The thing is I have already got too many colonies & no more boxes.
When back in a few days I'm wondering about shaking them out and removing the nuc box - having orientated on a spot very close to 2 other hives (less than 2 feet) they should enter those hives but the VQ will be denied entrance (hopefully).
Any obvious problem with this?
Once your new Queen has mated you will have a perfect 'Swarm' colony to donate to a new beekeeper.
Or just keep it ticking over to give you a new queen in emergencies. It could stay in the nuc box forever if you keep renewing the brood and food. Brood in colonies that need help and harvest the food.
Don’t want to take over posting, but it’s a related topic. I have a hive from hell, so aggressive/attacking! I have moved the brood box to isolate the queen & brood letting all the flying bees return to original location. Like Sutty I’m thinking of shaking all the bees out of the brood box, saving me looking for her!
I had a super aggressive colony which fortunately was next to a nuc from last year. I moved the aggressive colony 10ft away and shook out all of the bees onto the ground. With an empty bb and the aggressive bee frames in the original position I paper united the nuc to this.
Seems to be a success as it is now an easy colony to manage. Only 10 stings to show for it.

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