True Stories - "Last Of The Honeybees"

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Aug 24, 2009
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Wantage, South Oxfordshire
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Just found this, not sure if it's a repeat or not.

True Stories - "Last Of The Honeybees"

"What's happening to all our bees? A new show looks at the causes and effects of colony collapse disorder (CCD)

The True Stories strand, which showcases the best international feature documentaries, presents Jeremy Simmons' prescient film about the plight affecting honeybees throughout the world."

Tuesday 13 October at 10.00pm on More4

More info on the Channel 4 website along with a trailer.

Also airs on 20th October on Channel 4.


Not seen this one,Thank you I will set the recorder now.
For anyone who may of not remembered this is on tv tonight.
My wife made a mistake and removed this from our v+ box,does anyone have a copy they could send me(or have a link to a tracker) as I have a few friends who have not seen it yet.
None of the usual 'UK' trackers seem to have a copy with it being a foreign production and despite some listings saying otherwise it wasn't repeated on Channel 4. I might have access to a copy on DVD from the More 4 showing but won't know for sure until next Sunday evening at the earliest.

It's still available to watch again on 4oD.