Thousands of bees swarm across park

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I saw that item. Things must be really slow in the news desk if they thought that worthy of national coverage.
Blast - I was up in Lincolnshire today...............missed out there :)


Pity you could have been the bee specialist saving the city of Lincoln.

" A swarm of up to 25,000 bees is on the loose in a country park, visitors have been warned.
Visitors to Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln are being urged to steer clear of the swarm by the city's council.
Norman Staley-Brookes, a specialist in dealing with bees, has now been called in by the authority to help contain them. "

Perhaps when we go out collecting swarms we should rebrand ourselves as 'Beemen' the new super heroes, rescuing the nation. I am sure Thornes could do a fetching number....a super hero cape with integral bee veil. On a serious note I hope we are not going to get a series of scare stories this summer, which seems it might be a swarmey one with the general public being worked up into a frenzy by the media cause they are just like those killer bees.
Considering the swathe of support that Beekeeping has at the moment then the last thing we need is ruddy Lincs CC giving it the old "Bees have swarmed, run for your lives" attitude.

Wish I'd got the swarm tho, sounds like a beauty!