Thornes selling a new hive range

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Jul 28, 2008
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I notice in the Thornes catalogue they have a new range of hives.

Not for me thank you,but others may think they are a good idea.

Your thoughts ?


Can I make them myself?

There are patents pending on these hives which will be strictly enforced - but we want to encourage individuals too, so the answer is Yes, you can make them, but only for your own use. You can't make them for anyone else. Contact us for a free license and plans.
Whats the point of them???

I am thinking about doing away with shallow supers and going all for deep's, therfore all of mine will be interchangable, and also the same as other national users.

For my convesion over to all deep frames, I will be making an attaching spacer section to my shallows to make them deep's

All they have done is create another size of hive/frame.

If you get these rose frames you can not interchange with other users.

So much for keeping beekeeping simple!:toetap05:
Crikey two new hives in a year. What a bloody waste of time and effort.

Nowt new really just using brood box's in place of supers.
There may be some merit in having a standardised frame, for brood and for honey, although like stated above, why not use the existing BS Deep frame (providing the extractor will take it)? Even better on Langstrough hives to use the LS Deep size IMO.

Cant see any point in this Rose hive- the brood will have to be on at least double boxes, so twice as many frames to sort through, three times as many if you have something prolific and have to triple up.

No doubt some people will be attracted due to price/fashion- look at the relative success at the moment of Warre hives!
I still think an old filing cabinet would of been a good idea :laughing-smiley-004
Whats the point of yet another format bee hive? There is more than enough choice available.

I wont be moving from my Langstroths anytime soon!
Actually no Jim.

I was referring to the ego on show in BeeCraft.

By the "Ego" I assume you are talking about the hive the chap has named after himself?

Sorry I dont take Beecraft so cannot remember the chaps name.
think you are refering to the hedgecoe hive.
Otherwise known as the trap your drones and dont let them out hive.
Like the UK needs another hive format!

This one seems to have all the disadvantages of being locked in to the National/Commercial size but none of the advantages of having standard frames readily available!

There are advantages to having brood chamber and supers the same size (economies of scale mostly) but for the hobbyist the disadvantages of having to carry them usually outweighs them.

I really can't see he's going to get this idea patented, either. Or why he'd want to.