Theft - London - Adult and child bee keeping suit

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May 10, 2011
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When we were getting ready to come to class that evening (my daughter was coming with me for the first time) I realised I couldn't find the Bee suits. I was in a complete blue funk, marched out the house and stormed round Hackney Marshes which is why I wasn't at Camley Street! What I think I did was left the bag with the bee suits on my bike (which was immobilised) when I got home that morning , went in to get the keys for the shed, then put the bike away not realising that the bag containing our suits had gone!

The next morning we plastered the local area with posters asking for their return but no luck so far. (Though it has generated a lot of interested Bee discussion). We've checked the local charity shops and friends have checked Ebay, Gum Tree and Free Cycle, but no luck so far.

If anyone knows of the wherabouts of these two suits please let me know and I will pass the information on to my friend.

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