The procedure for replaceing a old queen with new

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May 14, 2009
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As above really just want to know the best way to do it if you get a queen in the post. For replaceing an old one in your hive.
Also how do people who breed queens insure that the dont interbreed ?
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I have always introduced at this time of year into a NUC first, but with a full colony remove old queen make sure no QC present leave about 24 hours so the bees will want her, then introduce in her cage I know some also feed 1 or 2 litre of 1 to 1 , but I am sure others will have other ideas.
Apart from insemination I havnt a clue with the second part of your question

Hope this helps
As Grub says, but then i dont leave for 24hrs.

I have been told differing opinions on this, some remove old and introduce new within an hour or so as the bees expect a queen to be there.

If they are left too long then the whole hive realise they are queenless, what they will then expect is QC and eventually a virgin, not to see a nice young mated queen appear from nowhere.

Its possible my understanding is wrong, however this is just what i have picked up.

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