Such a thing as a Langstroth Nuc box?

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Aug 10, 2009
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Can you advise me how I should go about getting a nuc box for developing nucleus when I have Langstroth hives and the only nuc boxes I see available are based on nationals? The frames would not be compatible when they were transferred to a hive, surely?
I have a Langstroth hive and am just about to get my first nuc and start beekeeping. The nuc is on National frames but i have got a National to Langstroth conversion kit from Modern Beekeeping

£6.50 for five frames. They also sell a six frame Langstroth nucleus hive in a range of frame depths for £25.50. It is a high density polystyrene hive.

There are also Correx Langstroth nuc transport boxes available for about £10 from ******* in Glos but they are out of stock at the moment and i can't track down anywhere else that sell them . Hope this helps.
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Ooops hit the delete button by mistake ! The Correx boxes are at easy bee products in Glos. Sorry
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Thornes sell the langstroth nucs but there over £100
If you are buying a Langstroth Nuc box then a poly one is the way to go esp if you are considering over wintering one.

They also sell a six frame Langstroth nucleus hive in a range of frame depths for £25.50. It is a high density polystyrene hive.

Have they got stock of them now then ? every time i look they have still not arrived.. been really keen to get some myself.
I bought one of these this year The PBS3 In 1 it is the soft type of Poly so I do not think it will last for ever but the bees seem very happy in it .
I have also got a very expensive wooden nuc next to it with omf the bees are hanging out of it as they are so hot, but not the poly version so I can vouch for its insulation value
I have also used the mesh travelling top,If you plan to get one I would definitly reccommend this accesory as well
There is poly and poly.

The one you want is sold by Swienty.

It is worth the postage and they have this year vastly improved it.


I was tempted to buy one of those. I resisted. A little research has showed up some interesting pointers. I am awaiting details from RoofTops, when things are sorted, to decide what to do,

Regards, RAB
The helpful chap at Modern Beekeeping is hoping to have them maybe by the end of this week. The conversion frame kit is back in stock now.
I have made Langstroth nucs by splitting normal box with table saw.
mating nus are 3 frame and wintering nucs 5 frame. Split to 3 or 2 part.

They are polynucs and very warm.
So the hunt still appears to be on for a Correx box for those Langstroth users who wish to sell some nucs.

Is EB the only outlet ? ive googled without finding an alternative that is as cheap, i have the Modern Beekeeping nuc boxes but if i were to sell a nuc in these its going to bump up my price.
Just trying to keep my price down.
Just searching forum for old threads. I purchased a swienty poly nuc which i've not used yet. Apart from mb's they doesn't seem any langstroth poly boxes with open mesh floor (I dont want to start cutting the swienty one). The park bk site uses soft poly so dont want that.

Any ideas, or reviews of the mb ones? I'm kean to stay to one supplier long term so dont want 3 different nuc's really. I may just get a mb one to compare the results with the swienty one. I know PH said his bee's do very well in the swienty.

I'm hoping to create a few nuc's for winter to overwinter and eventually replace my main hive's with brought in queens but need to research timing for this as I want some honey this year. Sounds like im best creating 50/50 rotation so you get some, I have high hopes!

Another way to look at this is is make a nuc in my full poly hive's and close it up with a dummy board and fill gap with something, from reading here though the nuc's seem to be a better option to heat etc.
Just trying to keep my price down.

You could make a travelling box quite cheaply - a plain box out of 4mm plywood the lip of the lid made of 2 inchdoorstop then two strips of doorstop tacked inside to rest the frames on. got a national one, i,m going out now but I'll take some photos later
Edit - here you are - there's no entrance in this one as it is a transport box, but a hole doesn't cost anything :D
I think it's 3mm ply actually and any bit of wood will do for the beading to strengthen the joints and the whole thing is glued and tacked together using pins on a B&D powershot stapler
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