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Poly Hive

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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
Info from Stoneleigh.

Had a chat with the President. Interesting conversation. Seems they are VERY well aware that a rising number of the membership are not best pleased.

Met Mike and Heather. Mike had some news but that is for him to pass on.

Met with Dave Cushman too. Interesting man though now out of bees by reason of ill health.

Missed Hedgerow and Meg.

Not going back tomorrow as we have a room free for a couple of days so it's paint brush time. After the new carpet is down... grrr... great care needed.

Money being spent but not nearly as much it seems. Big ticket kit is not moving. So no real surprise there.

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Poly hive-- Heather
Whilst talking about the membership and other forum is I mistaken or got it all wrong their ant so many posting nowadays it?s gone a bit stale on other side??.

I was very upset that I had to put the huge entrance fee into BBKA pocket.

Heather you looked a real cracker in your summer flowery top sat out side waiting for me with the sun steaming though your hair, I can only remember the dream date, we could have had! I did not need all the others poking their nose in saying hello.
I wanted time to charm you with bottle vodka. But could not find the bar!!! The van was parked across the way all I had was coffee and stale bacon sandys
You asked about the queens! For you my love ask again in MAY anytime.
All the best mike
Hey Heather, what more can a Girl ask for? A bottle of Vodka and one of Mikes Queens!

Its worth any man getting a sex change for an offer like that:cheers2:
ho you jealous harts ho jealouse hart stop beating dont you see the damage you have done da dee dum dee dumm
it reminds me of last of the summer wine Howard an Marina!
Please no more private massages its all in good taste.
all the best mike
Oh, throw a bucket of water someone:blush5:- yes Lovely to see you too;), you rogue -.and others :).
Pity we are so disorganised that we never all meet up - time, place, rose in lapel, newspaper under arm.....

I also spoke to Tim Lovett- he was charming but noted my anger at the vote taken without our consent or opinion considered....
I said if we were going to accept pieces of silver from Bayer we could have at least screwed them for half a million.
He is unaware that Associations had a vote cast without their knowledge or prior discussion and asked me to gather info on this - so - if your Assoc was unaware of this Bayer vote (and there are some out there as people have told me of this fact) - please can you mail me with details so I can pass it on to him. Sadly it stands for 3 years. But I do feel it should be investigated
Thanks, Heather

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