Stoneleigh, will have to be next year!

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Mar 27, 2009
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Bugger, three days accommodation booked, Queen rearing course booked, wrist band ready, Hire car sorted, flights booked!! Just to find out this evening that my flight to the UK has been cancelled for friday morning and flights on saturday are also cancelled. The Boats are fully booked so it seems impossible to leave this Rock, Gutted, this was supposed to be my first trip to Stoneleigh, I have even bought and payed for a few bit I was supposed to pick up!:(

Anyway, Rant over, whoever is going, I hope you have fun and maybe see you next year.

All The Best, Enzo.
Maybe someone else could use your tickets and maybe ship your orders to you?
gutter, sorry to hear that news!
well, I'm 6'1, 16 stone, I don't think I have enough bees also I don't really want them breathing in too much ash :ack2:

I happen to know the Queen rearing course is over subscribed, so if you contact them, they may be able to pass your place onto someone else.

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