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Poly Hive

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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
I had a phone call this morning from my builder. His daughter has won a competition it seems to do with bees and from that has led to the local WI looking for a hive to sponsor. Would I be willing to let them do so for one of mine.

Of course I said. Oh good says he, there's £200 in it for you then. LOL

I have offered to do a talk for them of course.

Well done PH.

When is the first Beekeeping weekend at the Hotel !!!
Thinking about Easter but need to get a projector again.

I am surprised at lack of comment.

I am very pleased.

Comment, i believe in your position with a hotel,you would be on to a winner doing all in pakage holidays, combined with beekeeping tuition/courses,which i imagine you would also enjoy PH.
I would hate it...LOL

Seriously it would be great fun.

I am surprised at lack of comment.

I am very pleased.


:):) You will be starring in the nip with your bees for the 2010 calendar girls and BOY WI fundraising calendar and the money raised will make up your sponsorship. :svengo::svengo: Ha ha

All joking aside well done PH.
Could be combined with buying a nuc of bee's from you,plus other items.looking at the way associations are over subscibed,and not every one's cup of tea,there could be a good demand for this kind of thing,as beekeeping is now so popular.
Perhaps even sell them a conventional poly hive,before they go off and buy a bloody igloo or omlet or ego hive.
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I do recommend wooden supers so trade there for you too Hivemaker.


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