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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Sorry, i need to whinge ...

Been sat in my house all afternoon, gazing at the blue sky and warm sunshine, waiting for my cable box to be replaced by another that i have to pay for, was given a slot of 1pm to 6pm, its now 18:05 and nobody has shown, not even a call to say they can't do it.

Not only have i been housebound and unable to make the most of a chance to see the Bees flying, but thats a half days leave wasted. And i dont get much.

Think i will send them an invoice requesting compensation.

^$&?%*( "?$^!!&?(" :cuss:

I am on Virgin,last year I needed a cable buried in the front garden,the guys turned up and said "ah you have a metre of concrete to get around,we need to go get the angle grinder".

6 months and around 30 telephone calls later they had still not done the job.
I managed to speak to a senior manager on the telephone who said he would come and see the problem.

when he arrived he asked why I never nipped accross the road to ask them to do the job as the virgin ground engineer's sub office was only about 300 yards away.

And I had spent 6 months speaking to staff in India :boxing_smiley:
Just rang them again, not sure what nationality i spoke to this time, think they said their local team have been under 6 foot of snow, hes broken his leg, and has a mild dose of Rabies, BUT they reckon they still might get out to me but it wont be till 7pm, the supervisor is coming out to help the guy with Rabies catch up with his superhero size workload.

They wanted me to give up half of saturday but i said tonight or not at all, he then told me how their staff have been suffering..... ahh bless.

well in order to introduce some balance we are with them and they turned up bang on time, did the business and we have not had problems since.

Oh yes and 100meg... running at 98.6...:)
I manage on 2 meg, no probs voip, file sharing ect :) Why pay for more ,especially when they start throttling you back if you do a lot of down loading :(.

PH you must get a reply before you have even posted at that speed.
I hate Vrgin too. We upgraded to a more expensive package and they cut us off for a week while they were sorting it out. We said we wanted to keep the slow braodband until we switched over, but they switched it all off.

Then........ Hours, really, several of them over several days on the phone to people far away who knew nothing were far away and kept putting us on hold. Expalining the same story over and again. Still spitting blood about it.

You are not alone:confused:
Over here you have to give 1 months notice by registered letter if you want to change server. Having lined up my new server I gave notice that I would be terminating my contract on x date. As soon as my old server got my letter they pulled the plug and the new server could not legally restore service until the end of the notice period:boxing_smiley:

3 weeks without broadband and telephone AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
What a wonderful technological age we live in !!!.