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May 13, 2009
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im looking for a beeswax soap recipe can anyone help
No more than Googling it for you.

I got 36 thousand hits for 'beeswax soap recipe'.

Regards, RAB
Bound to be a bit of variation then?
And you'll be able to tell us a little about glycerine when you've finished your research Andy. and I don't mean by Googling it directly.

A symptom of the times RAB. It must have happened a lot earlier than we realised. :)
Did i read the word glycerine,yes of course,got plenty of that free to a good home,well free to any home in fact.
thanks for the help i think i will get a book about it as know nothing about soap making, google is ok but to much rubbish on there to sort out
So, the real question is . . .

"Has anyone got a favourite soap recipe and method described on Google that is suitable for a novice soap-star with no kit, to save the expense of a book which might or not prove to be suitable?

I'm sure that there are people out there that make soap, do you have a link to share with Andy?

Here is one, but I don't make soap. Lye is caustic soda, not washing soda; heed the warnings well.
thanks Hombre i will have a look at it.