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I used to live in a cul-de-sac that was at the bottom of a very steep hill. After many years of complaining, the council eventually gave us a gritting box at the bottom of the hill so we could grit the road for ourselves whenever snow appeared.

It used to be a great community event for about 20 households when snow appeared. Those who were physically capable, all went out and cleared the whole road with footpaths and road gritted.

However, most of the grit was taken by people outside of our road to keep their driveways clear and caused huge rows.

End result after the first snowfall, no more grit and we were stuck again.

Nowadays, neighbours do not even talk to each other. When the snow comes, the morons just try to drive on it, compacting the snow and making it dangerous and hitting other cars in the process citing "If you clear the road or pavement and someone slips, you can get sued".

Nanny state, more like a moron state.

EOR (end of rant).
Nowadays, neighbours do not even talk to each other. When the snow comes, the morons just try to drive on it, compacting the snow and making it dangerous and hitting other cars in the process citing "If you clear the road or pavement and someone slips, you can get sued".Nanny state, more like a moron state.

EOR (end of rant).

where on earth has this come from?

is there any truth behind it or is it another urban myth?
It is not an urban myth it works like this, well it does in the way i have to becarefull with work based issues

It is the same on several other levels as well, by clearing the snow from outside infront of your house you are deemed to be taking responsiblity for its up keep , there fore because you did not grit it evan tho you have realised that it is dangerous( you cleared it so it must have been dangerous) because you now know of its dangers you must now prevent harm to others,

the classic one is a beware of the dog sign on your gate at home, because you have put one up you have admited that your dog is very dangerous as so liable if it attacks someone in your garden, a dangerous dog should not be allowed to bite anyone anywhere, but if you dont put the sign up its the other persons fault because they are bitten by a dog??????????

Can I just point out that in all my years of having law and liable drummed into me I have never heard of anyone being sued for clearing their pavement , but dogs in public yes i have, I t was the same rummour spread with people doing first aid, they were being sued by the families of the injured for not saving thier lives or as i have done breaking ribs whilst performing cardiac chest compressions, in any of these cases the saint john lawyers step in and you are protected, most house hold would have a 3rd party policy with there house hold policy and if someone tripped up out side my house after i had cleared the snow i would run out and tell them to sue the council quick and i will be a wittness there fore shifting the onous onto the council, ha ha hah
You are right- moron state- and we let it happen!! :rant:

Yet how come in USA it is the law to be responsible to clear your footpath with a $50 fine if you dont - and they are the most litigious country going..When will we stand up to these morons and say 'ENOUGH' Health & Safety crap. Sometimes right - most times RIDICULOUS!!!!! :banghead:

Can we start the revolution here :cheers2:

p.s. the chaps ribs I broke didn't sue- just pleased to get out of hospital alive and well ( but that was before this H&S garbage
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Urban myth or not, I clear my drive and the pavement on front of the drive. If they want to sue, let them (I wonder if my liability insurance on my house will cover me?). It is up to them to find out how real it is. I just want to get out of my drive safely.

I have worked in our NY office during bad snow falls and it is amazing how quick it gets sorted, almost every other truck, van, lorry etc bolts on a snow plough and off they go. litigious state? yes. I saw someone get free food and beer all night because he complained to the manager about the language of another patron (very very mild by UK standards) and the manager gave it in fear of litigation. yet when it snows.....no problems
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but that was before this H&S garbage

I am trying to use H&FS to my advantage. It would appear that the company that I work for regularly gets swarms alight somewhere on site. So I have proposed that I place some bait hives in an attempt to keep them away from areas that could be dangerous for someone to retrieve due to chemicals and/or high voltages or may be disruptive to production.


H&FS = Health and (insert appropriate word beginning with F here) Safety
Just to confirm it's real.
Last week OH organised a function for elderly folks at the WI. I was chauffeur.
The entrance had 3 - 4" of snow, so when we were discussing things with the caretaker I mentioned I would clear it. "No salt left in the village" - that's OK I'll bring my own.

"No, don't do it. We've been warned not to as if we do we are liable if anyone falls. if you do do it it's on your own head and it will be you that will be liable."

I compromised - threw salt down but didn't clear - worked fine.

But rightly or wrongly this attitude is ingrained in our society.

Time for a change, and time for some serious changes in the media.
This was discussed on R4 and the lawyer said it was true you could be liable BUT that thre was no case law and intent to harm would have to be proven and as that was highly unlikely then carry on and clear.

I gritted my path and my pavement.

Not gritting my path could leave the business liable as it is a public access to the guesthouse.

I have kept the drive and pavement clear outside my house but the clever lot opposite remove the frost from their three cars with warm water every day and the run off sits in the road outside my house, its like a skating rink at the moment and ive seen the postie come a cropper already.
Ive been praying that one of them will crack a windscreen but no luck so far.
I HATE this weather, ive only worked two days since christmas and am so bored..
Whilst still on a rant about Morons, I have just found out that the council have banned the company that I work for from cleaning pool cars on site (they were cleaned about once a month if lucky). We now have to take them off site (sainsbury's, car wash or like) to be cleaned. Next they will be saying we cannot clean our windows on site.

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