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Snow melting is in normal time table now. 90% of grouds are covered with snow, but it is only 5 cm thick.

3 weeks ago I weighed with hand do hives have enough food. I have saved 3 hives from starving death.

Last sunday I started patty feeding in every hive. I looked 5 hives inside and they did not have brood.

Willow starts blooming 1.5.
Alder is not yet blooming.
My cottage is near Tie 15 (road)
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thank you finman very interesting, you must resent us who have already started working our hives

Finland's Beekeeping Society has in its action plan that Global Warming will change our beekeeping. I don't know how they will execute it, but I will wait :). Lets talk about resent then.
At weekend temp will rise up tp 12C in south Finland. It is first time that temp.
Just now the clock is midday 11:30 and temp is in south Finland +2C.

Last year willow bloomed in April and bees could not fly onto flowers because of cold. Even if climate is warmer, it does not change the angle of sunshine. And bees fly with the help of sunshine. Yesterday sun shined fine but the temp was +3C.
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