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Sep 23, 2009
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North Chesire/South Manchester
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On Friday I did some hive splits and carefully positioned new mated queens in cages in all the now queenless hives. At present the candy in the cages is blocked off but i have made a slight error in my endeavours. I have added the queen cages directly to the hives without providing them with any ‘queenless’ time? Is there a way of recovering from this error?
I think they should be ok- just a point-have you removed the plastic so that the bees have access to eat the candy to release her- Don't mean to be rude- or think you stoopid... but it is a basic mistake that can be made. If the bees have access to eat- they will be happy to accept her by the time they are through the candy. Usually minimum of 6 hours max 2 days queenless- but lots of varying opinions there!
Thanks Heather.

Previous advice was to block off the plastic for a couple of days to allow them to get used to the new queen then to unblock it and leave alone, my plan was to unblock them today.
I agree with Heather , they should be ok .
If they are imported queens you should collect all the workers from the cages and send them to the bee unit in york for examination.
If they are local queens then I dont even bother taking the attendants out of the cage anymore and havent noticed any difference in acceptance
Hi Peebles

You need to go and check the cages before you can decide what needs doing.There should be a q-less period so the splits do not regard the new queens as a threat/intruder.

Bees can and do kill queens in cages so much may depend on how much shelter the queens could seek in the cages, so you need to go and have a look. You would have to go back anyway to remove the plastic plug/flap.

If the queens are o.k simply remove the flap and replace any candy and let them get on with it as normal, don't look again for a good week..

MBC: Attendance should really have been removed before introduction and as long as imports are from within the E.U you do not need to send off the cages or attendance.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards Ian
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Peebels: What did you find

Regards Ian