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May 5, 2009
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is it possible to buy the profiled wood needed to make a good super or brood box for a national hive?
profiled ?

Like pre-cut ?

If you are asking about pre-cut timber then most supply shops sell assembled or self assembly options.
Yes. It's called in the flat. All the big vendors sell them.

sorry my post is awful! what i was trying to describe is the wood on the side of the boxes like this in red.....

i can get hold of good wood for the sides but its these that i need.
ah, in that case you need a decent table saw. They are not that difficult to cut, and even easier to make with a router and dovetail jig.

You can get them from Stamfordham

They are called a "kit", I think, and are listed under hives/vive parts.

I got some, very useful if you are not too handy as a wood artist, but they are heavy, so the P&P is pricey.

I think the P&P on one set is the same as three or four sets.

ah yes, if you could tell the boss of the house that! i just dont have the space for any more tools but have a good mitre saw for cutting the sides so was hoping to buy the profiled bits from somewhere, i just want a go making one extra hive as i have a thornes budget hive to start with
yes its very easy look in your local news paper or yellow pages for any wood worker or wood work shop turn up with a proper drawing or if you prefere a fag packet and yes we still get fag packets in site offices walk in and ask to see boss, proberly sat down drinking tea tell him you want the two profiles made for you in 500mm lengths or if he wants 3 metre lengths any size just from 500mm multiplies he suppliers the timber and most woods will do but you want to have good quality dont lecture him about the differant grades he will only get upset price wise i would order as many as you want and some spare and maybe some to sell on ebay

price the big question
last time i ordered some last year he made twenty lengths at 2.5metres long so 40 in total and i paid
£6 a length or that works out at round about £1.20 each including timber so thats about a fiver a framed box with me also buying the ply for the sides they cost me about half the shops ones
Yes please Pete. I think your vids are gems. They are a superb feature for this forum. JC.