Planning permission for self-sufficiency

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Nov 17, 2008
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We are buying a 4 acre field on the edge of our village "building envelope". There was previously a small-holding here and the farmhouse was demolished about 20 yrs ago (been there for over 100 yrs). What is the best way to put our case for planning permission? Should we try for a building with an agricultural tie or do we just apply for permission to rebuild the previous building (some of the foundations are still in place underneath a small copse of plum trees). Only serious answers please - this is important - we wish to become (as far as possible) self-sufficient.
Planning rules have changed and you may not get permission on the grounds that there was a building there previously and 4 acres is not enough to get you permission based on the fact that you cannot earn a living from it.

Probably your best route forward first of all is to meet with the council planners and get their view on it. There may be good sound reasons why permission would not be granted, but also they would help you by explaining the criterea to meet for planning to be granted.

If you already live in the village do you actually need to live on the smallholding? And more importantly does the price reflect the opportunity to build?