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Package Bees for 2010

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Nick W

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Sep 13, 2009
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I am interested in 2 package bees (the ones that contain around 3lb of bees) plus queen.

Dont want nucs just the package bees please.

PM with prices please!

Should add would rather have bees that are more docile, even if they are less productive.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh yes I know about that one, thanks very much though.

Just wondered if there were any others?


Yup ... they have advertised them for a while and are still advertising them...

mike usually wont sell small quants of packages last time i heard, you may have to club together to buy a pallett load.

As far as I know "big" that is inaccurate. He to my knowledge was selling by fives, and from our conversation I understood to be selling by ones.

I am often wrong and arrogant.......I am told.


Oh aye, I disagree....LOL
You are right that Mike originally did a pallet of five and may now deal with singles on a collect basis. Mostly you aren't arrogant, but there are exceptions to every rule.

I'm sometimes told that I can be a bit abrasive. I'm sure that we are both made of sterner stuff.
Good luck, weather and fortune for your big day on Saturday. :cheers2:
I visited Easy bees in April this year and they would only sell a pallet of 5 packages + queens + delivery charge. I declined.

In August I went to collect a queen, but he had sold it to someone else. I did buy a small nuc for half price after some negotiations but there was barely two frames of bees.

Bees have been a sellers market this year and I'm sure the vendors have been able to take in a lot of money. I reckon they are expecting even bigger prices next year. It remains to be seen whether that will prevail.

There are several ways to get bees other than just buying from a re-seller.

Taking the BeeHaus for example, it would seem to cost £500 for the initial kit, and another £200 or so for bees. That is enough money to put me off it.
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