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Overwintered nuc’s for sale - Bath, Wiltshire area

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Apr 25, 2011
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nr. Bath
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I have a couple overwintered nuc’s for sale on National frames. The Queen is 2020 and are Buckfast strain so very gentle and easy to handle. They are on 5 frames and have been treated with thymol and oxalic acid over winter.

My apiaries have been inspected by the SBI at the end of last year and she was very pleased.

They will be available as soon as the weather picks up and I would highly recommend it to inspect them beforehand (allowing time for them all to get back in the box)
Please do not show interest if you have not handled bees or have a hands on mentor to help you.

I can deliver within a 15 mile radius from Bath/ SN14 8BS

Price is £180 in a plywood nuc or £160 if you transfer into your own.