OSR and a curious outcome.

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Poly Hive

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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
I extracted my Spring honey yesterday and nothing to boast of sadly. The evidence suggests that the flow stopped abruptly some two weeks ago whilst I was in Shetland. What is interesting is I have just measured from the apiary to the nearest OSR field. There were three in total in a line North and South, and the nearest was 1.4k from the hives.

There is one frame in the five supers I extracted evidencing the classic sulky looking white clotted remnants in the cells. The honey in the buckets tastes the same as last years Spring honey so the bees didn't bother with the OSR in the vast majority of cases.

Between the hives and the OSR were Horse chestnut, sycamore and geans. Seems thankfully they won out.

85 pounds and 21 CC's in case you wondered.