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Silly Bee

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Jul 13, 2010
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Today, I have no brood, no eggs, a hive of very busy bees, who are storing honey like crazy. They are in a brood and a half WBC. The super has very little honey, but they are drawing foundation.

Top half of box (half brood chamber) is loaded with honey, bottom section has been cleared of brood and very little honey is left.

I have my fingers crossed that they are waiting for the new queen to get mated and start laying

Do you think its worth changing the super being drawn, with the half brood underneath that has lots and lots of honey?
SB, I think that if you want to get 3 colonies into winter I would get a test frame in there from one of your 2 other colonies pronto - then act on resulting evidence. R
Ideally eggs present yes, if you are not confident about an ident on eggs then if you can find a frame that appears to have empty cells and also has very young larvae then that is your best bet. Use a magnifying glass and tilt to naturally illuminate inside the cells, do a google image search for eggs so you have a reference first. R
if you need a hand mate, I'm about tomorrow night for an hour or so....?

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