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Nuc Wanted in West Kent

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Nov 16, 2009
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Tonbridge, Kent
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Hello all,

I'm a newbie to beekeeping - and having read the books, and been on the courses, I've now got my hive, and I'm looking for some bees to live in it!

Can anyone help?

In a perfect world, I'd be looking for 14x12 frames - but this isn't such a place - so just about anything will do !!! Am just eager to get started as soon as possible - to get the best out of them possible this year.

Thanks lots! :seeya:

(ps - am of course, happy to collect from just about anywhere vaguely nearby!) :driving:


We are swarm collectors, so will let you know if and when (hurry up warm weather) we have spares.

We hope to be breeding some new queens in the next few weeks too.

Can I ask why "Malawi"? Can't be another one born in Malawi.

Thanks! The mad panic is over now... I was able to find some bees in Folkstone, which I picked up on Saturday, and VERY lovely they are too! :hurray:

But, I do have a 2nd hive, which I was hoping to find a swarm (or a nuc) for later in the season, when the price of nucs had come down a bit again (hopefully!).

Can I ask why "Malawi"? Can't be another one born in Malawi.

No, born & bred in the UK... as well as bees (and various other creatures), I keep fish too. I used to keep a fish tank which housed various smaller species from Lake Malawi... I used the name back then... and it has kinda stuck!
If there are any others going begging once swarm season gets underway, or someone has spare nuc, I'd also be glad of it as I have 2 empty hives waiting. I'm near Cranbrook but can collect.