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Am enjoying seeing your pics Norton,have you any of your queen rearing/mating setup, would like to see some if you have.
Seconded,I would love to see some.
I have just uploaded some more photos to the heather album.
I was getting confused as I thought you kept bees in Cyprus but the pictures are of Crete,just noticed your Location says both.;)
Yes - have an business in Crete as well, seeing as Cyprus is going pear-shaped fast. If climate change continues like this I could end up back in the UK.
Best regards
I would be very happy for you to come back to uk.
I don’t think I would want him back, if I was,
Mr Cleggs daydream Queens. Co ltd.@ give away prices.
Patersons it’s the only-native black’s queens. Enterprises. Two for the price of one.
Tortuous Ian Davisons queens?
The BBKA Charity freebee giveaway to everybody Queens. (buy though associations only queens)
Far too many breeders,
It’s a give away queen world.
Come on Roger the more the merrier bring them super-dooper Norton queens with you.:party::party:
All the best mike
Hi Mike

Tortuous Ian Davisons queens?

Most of mine come from the breeders Roger sells me. It's rather a shame you can't be that selective:cheers2:

Regards Ian
Norton I noticed in this picture(click here) you say the almonds are just finishing and the ground flora is blooming,when does your season start if the picture was taken in February?
I suppose you could say it starts with the first rains in October when fresh nectar and pollen becomes available. We are talking here about southern Greece. Of course the colonies don't really start buiding in strength till mid February and swarming preparations are present in colonies from about 25th March till end of April. The Cecropian bees of southern Greece have a highly developed swarming instinct.
Best regards

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