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Jun 21, 2009
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I'm a newbee. I got my bees as a swarm/cast in May. They had Veroa mite (saw them in the tray). So I treated them. They have been great since and gone fron streangth to streangth.

Since then I have regularly checked for mite and up till today I have not seen one in the tray.

Am I being naive or is it possible that my ladies have gone through the summer and not picked up the mites?

I have Apiguard ready but I don't want to treat unless it is really necessary.

Can anyone advise?

treat with Apiguard and oxalic acid no matter how little the drop, you will be surpised how many mites are not showing up but are there.
Yes you probably are being naive and so treat them.

Hi. On this topic I have a recovering hive with brood being produced, seemingly exponentially, since the end of August. I did a treatment programme with Hive clean whilst broodless in August. 2 HC tests in the past couple of weeks showed no mite drop.
I've got a couple of Apiguard packs but am reluctant to disturb them and use any whilst the numbers continue to recover.
? Should I use the stuff regardless or leave it till later or am I being paranoid??
I would still treat them yes,although you say the bee's were broodless during August so your mite count should be lower due to the gap in brood cycles.

Option 2 could be to wait until New year and give them an OA treatment.
I've got a packet of OA xtals in the garage. I might well do that (3.2% spray) and carry on squirting HC when I feed them. I'm concerned about winter survival and spring recovery, which I gather is as much a numbers game as anything.
I had no varroa mite drop at all and thought "this is great"....wonder bees! I still Apiguarded this month and it literally rained varroah mites. If you treat you need a good 15 degrees daytime temp to be effecive so you need to make your mind up !
I had no varroa mite drop at all and thought "this is great"....wonder bees! I still Apiguarded this month and it literally rained varroah mites.

Exactly the same for me. We're now in the third week of treatment.
Can add me to the list too. Had a very low drop all year, just coming to the end of the first tray of apiguard and "raining mites" is an apt description.
Hi all

Add me as well.

Very few through the season, now in the 4th week with Apiguard drop is droping, but first two weeks I was knee deep in the bl##dy things.

John D
Hmm, maybe cos they have been my bees for 3 years and treated with OA last year, but I have had little drop. Only a large swarm collected in June is piling out the varroa.So that one on 2nd treatment.

The Oxalic in December will tell me if I am right to only have done 1 treatment of Apiguard for the rest.

Yes, I know the 2nd course of Apiguard is to get all the varroa still in the brood, but I felt there was so little drop and the Apiguard was lowering the brood cycle, which is important at this time of the year, my action was the lesser of 2 evils.

p.s. love your Avatar tazbee:)
Thing is I've reduced the size of the BB to 6 frames (small colony) and blocked off the empty space (+ polystyrene filler). So should I use 1/2 a pack as was noted elsewhere?

Also what to look out for re "adverse reactions" if any!! I know they may gather outside etc. but can this stuff be poisonous in practice?

PS. Do I take the feeder off?

PPS I've put a tub in and see how it goes.
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