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Nov 19, 2022
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Hi everyone, just introducing myself. My name is Barry Pike. My wife Trina, along with our guru Ron, keep 5 colonies on a local farm in Weston-super-Mare. We ended the winter with just 2 and discovered 1 swarm in a stack of supers. We found another on the same day in a nuc. While we were there the farmer told us there was a swarm down the road. We had to decline due to a lack of equipment, and time left in the day. Ron had found a swarm on his own garden fence a few earlier. So much excitement I had to go home and have a glass of wine. Nice to meet you all. I'm afraid I can't chat now because I have a doctors appointment (not for stress).
Welcome Barry. I hope you enjoy the forum. There masses of stuff here to keep you entertained and informed for ever.
Hi, I am down the road in Stoke St Gregory near Taunton. Not clear if this is your first year beekeeping, plenty of people needing and giving help on here so get addicted 💕
Yes ... welcome - always people around on here at all times of the day and night when you need an answer to a problem or just an opinion - there's nothing like it for beekeepers anywhere else on the internet. We don't always stick to beekeeping issues either ...we wander about a bit at times !