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Nov 14, 2008
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."Bees go mad and become lost because of neonicotinoid dispersion".Precious insect pollinators hold an almighty 153 billion euros worldwide on their industrious wings for the main crops that feed the planet every year. If they all disappeared overnight, so would 9.5% of the total value of global agriculture production used for human food.

Although bees are nowhere near becoming extinct any time altogether soon, as some media may have somewhat inaccurately prophesised, the sharp decline in their biodiversity is nevertheless deeply worrying. With its 14.2 billion euros tied to insect pollination per year, the EU looks highly vulnerable, even if East Asia is most at risk with an eye-watering 51.5 billion euros. The USA, Canada and Bermuda figure resembles that of the EU most closely, with a combined insect pollination value of 14.4 billion euros. But Europe must beware even more, if you think that non-EU countries rely on insect pollination for a further total of 7.8 billion euros.


Very..........particularly when you consider the potential market for GM-engineered bumbles to take their place - and when at least one pesticide company is already flogging bumblebees, and have a strong GM frankentinkering division..........
Hence there's a very good reason for them NOT to act on neonicotinoids wiping out their rivals, and even more reason for totally amoral "incentivised suits" in various positions of authority to deny any possible link with pesticides :svengo:
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