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National Supers for Sale

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Oct 12, 2009
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I have 19 National supers for sale all in good condition.
protected with Cupronol (shade wild thyme)
Grantham Lincs
Drop me a email
Unless you are sure, beware of sales offers like these. Not suggesting this is the case here, but I was once offered spare wheels for my lorry (at a rally venue); an apparently very good deal, but they offered to deliver them, even though they were not so very local. I only used a mobile phone to tag them along, as I could clearly see them wanting my lorry as a source of further spares!

Regards, RAB
I've had an e-mail from him. He says he's in Grantham Lincs, and wants £15 each or £12.50 each if the whole lot bought. Thinks they are cedar and has painted them with Cuprinol Shades Green. Personally I think it's too expensive for 2nd hand stuff.
Joined forum,advertise supers as first post,then silence...........

I thought thats why there was a buy and sell section:svengo:

Nothing to say they have to stick around and talk to the rest of us.

Hive Maker can you also PM me a price list and contact details so I can pass them on to our beginners.

Regards Ian
Nothing to say they have to stick around and talk to the rest of us.

Regards Ian

Nothing stopping anyone saying sh*t to the queen,Its just not good etiquette to do so..

WHO YOU CALLING A QUEEN:boxing_smiley:

Regards Ian
HiAdmin: Don't get so honorary, it's probabaly some Bispham type fella shifting gear because all of his bees have died:smilielol5:

And lets face it be glad he's not around:grouphug:

Regards Ian
He is about on the other forum lol and just had another thread locked

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