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ian wallace

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Jun 6, 2010
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Hi there fello beekeepers
Yesterday I was given a hand fill of bees with a new queen. The colony is very small so I am hoping to make it into a strong hive of bees

I have put these bees in my apiary and I have also
Given them some fresh honey from on of my
Other hives.

The problem is now is that the other bees in my apiary are robbing there honey back

My question is can I move this hive to another site with no other bees right away or do i have to wait two weeks
Have you got the entrance closed right down ?
As Steve says,get them moved as robbing is hard to stop once started.
Fresh honey? What do you mean?

Take it off. Yes, move the colony. Just need two weeks before housing them in the same area (or they may redirect to the old site).

They would be far better having some hatching brood added to boost the numbers than an excess of stores.

Sugar syrup is better, if they actually need feed. Close the entrance down to a couple of beeways and put a screen close to the front of the hive entrance, or completely close it for a day.

If it is literally a handful of bees it will likely not have enough bees to service any amount of brood, so you may need to address that problem.

I have moved the hive now to a new place
There are about three frames of bees with afew eggs and brood.
The enterence is about the size of a pencil

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