Mouseguard or shallow entrance block instead?

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goggie, Where are these new super hypothermic bees that are supposed to be flying around robbing during the winter, have they got the dreaded "damartthermalmite"?

Also, the zinc mouseguards do not knock off pollen loads...when I first started using them I sat and watched for many hours....


Oh, and by the way, welcome to the forum! :seeya:
Many thanks for your thoughts - eventually made a grill out of nails 9mm apart in entrance block as described in "Honey Bees -a guide to management" by Ron Brown. See below so 9mm high max and 9mm wide max. Bees flying in and out happily and pollen not being brushed off, despite being behind bars!

Dick, that is fantastic!

So neat and evenly spaced.......I'm going to try copying it

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