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May 25, 2009
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Hi All,

I have just returned from The Gambia. West Africa.
I have a sample of honey bees from the Gambia, if anyone wants them for Morphometry or other study drop me a PM

Great - DERA might be VERY interested. I guess the recommendation would be to burn them NOW.

Call me stupid if you wish, but they are a potential disease vector that we don't need. Such morphology should have been done back in the Gambia. Bring back data, but not livestock.

I suspect that others will support me in the call to destroy them by burning. I think your motivation was well intended but unfortunately ill advised.

I may be wrong, in which case I apologise for any offence you may take at my comment. :)
You can have the boots if you need them Finman. :)
Hi Hombre,
I was out there catching Moths, Birds and the occasional Bat... All Licenced
The said bees came in to the MV Moth lamps at dusk. They were killed using Ethyl acetate and then dissected. The wings are now on microscope slides, sealed. so no problems...
Steady on chaps.

Think of all the specimens brought back to the Natural History Museum in more innocent times and the end result was? Not a lot as far as is known.

Poly Hive

Well not that they knew!

Ask about taking food into Canada, for instance. Bet the Australians would have something to say about any open honeybee specimens. Different times.

Regards, RAB
As I said Dean, "If I'm wrong, then I apologise". It seemed initially that the bees may have been complete and not mounted specimen parts sealed up.

Rash of me perhaps, but from "a sample of honey bees", rather than wing samples from honey bees, I feel my interpretation was not unfair.

Please accept my unreserved apology, I was wrong. Cautious, but wrong. Times have indeed changed.

I remember someone on the same VC10 as myself arriving at Brize Norton late at night bringing back a large box of iced fresh fish, caught on Acension Island that morning,, through Customs and Immigration. The person in question was an Airmover, so new the regulations and his argument was that Ascension Island was British. The debate went on for a few minutes, but he eventually got to bring them in.

That was 1973, I suspect that he would have to talk a little more to be able to pull it off today.

As O90o said, Australia and Canada (NZ too) are a bit trigger happy about anything. Either you have bio security or you don't, so I can see where they are at. I'm no expert on the subject. :)
Thousands of dried insect specimens are shipped around the world every day. Live butterfly pupa are shipped from farms in Kenya and Costa Rica to supply butterfly houses in the UK and elsewhere. All legal. There isn't a problem with this sort of trade.
I thought it was quite obvious that the specimens from Gambia were deadstock.