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May 27, 2010
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Middle of Cornwall. uk
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I noticed a week or two ago some heather growing on the clay burrows 1/2 mile or so behind our house.

I thought it would be bell heather and was not unduly concerned, actually I was rubbing my hands with glee.:D

Today I thought, nice day, time to kill, lets mosy up to take a look, ahhhh! its ling! OK, better honey I believe but extracting....... assuming theres excess of course, panic.......:eek:

Go for cut comb but if you want to extract it, easiest is a mesh bag and strain it with hands (messy) or a small press which you can buy - but they are nor cheap. However, it could well be coming to the end now so any honey they gathered - and they don't always, could be in the brood chamber.
thanks rooftops. (memory lapse, would've replied before). Clay burrows are the high bits, pits are the dips therefore bit cooler, windier up there and is far from over yet and covered in bees, bumbles and italians, hopefully mine:.) realise it'll probably end up in brood box this year, may be able to change that next year. Ivy is not ready yet so may be able to do some swopping this year? One size box/ frames:.)