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Aug 10, 2009
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Is it possible to mix wood and poly in the same hive?

In particular I am thinking about using a wooden jumbo langstroth brood box with poly supers (and perhaps poly roof)?

Will they fit and will it alter the internal dynamics of the hive?

Should be fine.
HI Peter

Good quality poly Nationals from Swienty are the same external dimensions as wooden National equipment and all parts inc roof/floors can be swapped about.

HOWEVER that is not the case with Langstroth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a considerable size increse with the extra thick walls of the poly boxes and obviously roof/floors do not work at all.

Supers will sit on the brood (just) but a poly ledge will be left around the sides, and this attracts water.

This is my experience with Swienty gear, but unless other suppliers cut down on frame numbers/internal box size the problem is universal.

Regards Ian
I was wondering this as i like the idea of poly hives but i have rather allot of cedar national supers. but short on roof's and floors.

But i was concerned about the nationals as i thought they were a frame less ?

If there is one bit of poly kit I would not bother with it's the floors, stick with the norm/mesh I normaly make my own.

Internal dimensions will vary but this does not cause me any problems at all.

Regards Ian
I agree Ian there is very little weight gain to be had with the floors and the one useful feature that the original floors had has been omitted and that was a corner lug (on each corner) which meant a single brood could just be picked up and moved with out any strapping.

Swienty wanted to make the migratory floor to fit several hive types and so dropped it but goodness I miss it.


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