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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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Just a quick line to update you on the nuc we picked up from you on Sat (order no 610)

We kept the car windows down all the way home and prayed there wouldn’t be any jams, our luck held out.
Arrived home with them, they were stressed but looking very lively, drizzled some water to them through the vents and then left them in their position in the shade. Waited until dusk and then transferred them to their new hive. The Queen was out of the cage and I was able to spot her. They were incredibly easy to work after my last lot of very aggressive ones, and there were less than a dozen dead ones left in the box. They have been very active during this lovely weather and I am pleased to see pollen going in. Fingers crossed we can develop them well this season and pull off some honey in the coming months.

Thanks for your very useful and informative leaflets, and it was nice to meet you and your ‘lovely lady’ wife, sorry we didn’t get her name.

Kind Regards from a very happy beekeeper, Trudy