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You get quite a lot of manuka as far south as Stewart Island, but it increases the further north you go. And there is an awful lot of it...

But that is still further north than London is south, if that makes sense.
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Now my wife and I are great believer in manuka honey and as a medicinal aid for healing cuts and split skin it does work. I was very sceptical about it also but being a sufferer of skin ailments she persuded me to try it, and within a few days it will heal quite badly split skin. Now I must admit I havent tried doing it with UK or any other honey so as winter is on its way and my skin suffers badly i'll put it to the test. UK on the right hand and the rest of the world on the left !

As they say if you havent tried it dont knock it !:cheers2:

Dave W
Any honey will heal cuts and stop infection no need to buy manuka.:cheers2:

Apart from steroid cream which I avoid at all costs, Manuka Honey is the only thing which takes away the itching/redness from my children's eczema almost immediately, albeit in a very messy way!

I also suffer from eczema sometimes quite badly, so my wifes just suggested how about putting the honey on the hands and then using some of the large bag sort of disposable gloves. It maybe that putting the honey on even for a short time say while watching telly or something and then washing it off later.
I'll give it a go !!!!!!

Dave W
You could always lick your fingers first. :)

I surely hope that it helps your condition, which must drive you bonkers at times. Good luck.

If it works for you then perhaps you could try some honey with a smaller price tag to see if that gives you similar relief. Please let us know how you get on.

Venus de milo used to put honey on her hands I understand and used to nibble it off too.from the evidence