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Long straw or Combed wheat straw

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Sep 3, 2009
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North Derbyshire
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A bit of a long shot but I'm trying to get a couple of sheafs of this straw as I would like to make some skeps.

Living in Derbyshire does not make this easy - none grown and not much call for thatchers either! http://www.beekeepingforum.co.uk/images/smilies/frown.gif

Does anyone have access to this straw or know some-one (possibbly a thatcher) who might be prepared to sell me some?

I am visiting Somerset Monday/Tuesday next week so would be prepared to pick up anywhere near route M6 or M1, M5.
They will be cutting winter wheat in July , if you wait another 3/4 weeks you should be able to get some
Will it be a good length though ?
All the Barley/Wheat around my way seems to be short stuff due to the seed companies playing with it for a better yield.

Just got back from collecting straw from Inthatch - thanks for the link.

Looking forward to learning another new skill making skeps.

If it ends up looking slightly resonable I'll post a photo. bee-smilliebee-smillie
And if it doesn't, then the guys and gals will love to see it too, if only to realise that we aren't alone in getting new skills wrong. :hurray:
Here is someone a little closer, Rosemary Sault : 01543 472629 in Stafford
In case you get hooked and need more - there is a wetland and thatching centre in the Somerset levels which stock reed etc for thatchers and similar. Do a Google and see for another time? Good Luck!

I thought I'd show you my first skep! It took a bit of practice to get it started but I really enjoyed making it. My second on will be slightly larger (hoping to collect a lovely big swarm next year - and not my own!:smilielol5:)

Thanks to all who provided details of straw suppliers - I could be hooked - a nice winter hobby.
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I watched a program years ago that had a guy making Skeps,he used blackberry branches to hold the skep together,he stripped the bark and used it green in strips.
I had a go at that but found it was very prickly and took far to long for me to get nearly enough twine - definitely more practice needed if my fingers could cope!

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