just a tad concerned!!

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mark s

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Jun 9, 2009
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Isle Of Wight
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hi all
just got in from work and went out to check on the girls and i found a lot of dead bees around the hive and was. wondering wether these are just drones being cleared out, ive taken some picks as im not sure if they are,hope they are clear enough if not ill take some more




there were no dead bees outside yesterday this has just happened today:confused::confused:
thanx thurrock
looks like i may have a problem then if there not drones
This time of year the hive will be reducing fast and the older bee's will be dying off.

Do the dead bee's have very little hair on their thorax?
Perhaps not dont know what the weather was with you but with me in the SW it warmed up a bit so the bees may have being a bit more active and had a tidy up. Sit tight my friend they are quite good at this sort of thing.
hi admin id need to dry them out coz they were soaked when i found them all

hi tom weather was ok this morning and they were very busy pollen was going in for a while,i did wonder if they might have got caught in the bad weather we had this afternoon,i not sure,as a new beek its all a learning curve
another new beek here, I have noticed the same around my hive over last couple of days, however bees looked good last week when checked to make sure that i hadnt killed my queen as I thought i had!! I had been working on the down sizeing for winter theory as bees looked ok. hope yours do well
hi mark, dont worry too much as admin is saying they are reducing in numbers and some also decide to sit out side and watch the sun set, beforing frezzing to death.All you can do now at this time of year, is heft the hive (for stores), check thatits water proof, and maybe if concerned tap the side of the hive and listen for the buzz in return.
Had same here. They were held in one day with cold winds - next day most hives were cleaning and throwing out dead bees - not many- but enough to see all behaving in same way. About 6 per hive, when none on previous days. good housekeeping.
thanx for the replies all
hefted the hive and seemed heavy,though ive nothing to guage it against,its deffo waterproof, and i gave it a knock and the girls let me know that they were at home lol