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Nov 9, 2008
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S.E. Cornwall
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Hi folks,

I haven't been on here for a while. Since the bees have been quiet, I've had no need to. The forum looks very strong and healthy though!

As a beginner, I will be keeping my first lot of bees this year.
I am making up my frames and foundation soon and will be transporting them back to my house in a brood box. However, the brood box is second hand and I have not used it yet. Bought it last Autumn and have kept it in the shed.

I know I need to sterilise it with a blow torch before the bees go in it, but my question is, will it be ok for me to carry my new frames and foundation in it when I take them home? ie. will any disease be likely to be transferred just from using the brood box as a travelling container for my new frames?

Thank you for your replies.

Hi Mark

In answer to your question is no it's not dangerous, but I am sure you will not be getting your bees for some time.

So simply flame/scortch the box and give it a coat of something to help keep the rain out before any bees/frames go in. Simple and best practice.

Regards Ian
I know to scorch it yes, but I do not have a flame torch at the moment and I since I am making up the frames this week, I need to take them back in the brood box, rather than keep them loose in the car. So will it be risky to use the unscorched (yet) brood box in order to carry the frames back home in? ie. can disease be transferred from the box to the wax? Or is the danger only when you have bees in unscorched second hand hives, not just simply frames?
Could you not make up the frames but leave out the wax until needed?
It would stay fresher in the packet so more attractive to the bees.
There is next to no risk,as Ian states,but yes the risk is greater when bee's go into previously diseased hives,especially AFB, as the spores can remain for a great many years. you would be better to put foundation in shortly before use.why not just carry them upright in a cardboard box.
Do you have a hot air paint stripper that you could use?
Hi Mark

As part of your beekeeeping kit you will need one:cheers2:

Regards Ian