How to test for Acarine.

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Nov 14, 2008
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Warboys, CAMBS
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This test can be carried out at any time throughout the season.
It is normally carried out as soon as there are sufficient bees flying in spring.
Then again in autumn as treatment can be used with feeding up the bees.

Bcrazy, what would you use to treat Acarine.
Hi Hivemaker,

I am deeply sorry that I will not be making any written comments on this Forum for a considerable time. I will honour any member who sends samples of honey to me for analysis and post the findings.

As stated in my post of the 22-12-08 No 28 in the thread What would you do............, as I feel this forum has become like the BBKA forum where everything is bound up with BBKA Ex Committee and Bayer. I am totally fed up with all this and do not need to be reminded of it at every hands turn on this forum.

Wishing you and all members of this forum a Happy New Year.

Best wishes to you all.

Mo. (Bcrazy)
Sorry to hear that Bcrazy,i know that some are not interested in enviromental and pesticide issues that effect our countryside and bee's and other wildlife.I believe thats why that section carries a warning not to read if your that way inclined. Enjoyed the way you posed questions and then answered them,will miss this. Hope you do well in your reasearches and exams.
Hi Hivemaker,

i know that some are not interested in environmental and pesticide issues

I am interested in the environment as I have a 1 &1/2 acre plot in Cambridgeshire. I have geese, ducks, chickens and 3 golden retrievers.
We do not use any pesticides on our land. I am against the sponsorship with Bayer. But I don't need it rammed down my throat every time I open on this forum. Nothing new has been added, all the loud shouting by certain members about this situation will get them nowhere. There is a lot of miss information being written about the BBKA and Bayer, a lot of assuming something with no proof of what has been said.

Enough is enough.

I am now taking a back seat from both forums until this is resolved one way or the other.
Its the bees that I am concerned with and please don't say something like
" the pesticides are killing the bees and wild life off etc." I know they are.

Sorry to rabbit on as of now I have finished completely posting any thing else, I will look through at times and see what has been going on.

All the best to you all.

Bcrazy I am sorry you feel like that.

I have added a special forum just for political issues so that those that choose do not have to read such stuff.

Seeing as we have a few members that got banned from the BBKA forum I think we are pretty calm and friendly.

I am yet to read any bile or venom that members have shown while posting on other forums.

I hope things will settle down more as the spring starts and we can all enjoy talking about the more interesting topic of beekeeping.

If I stopped banned BBKA members having a chat about the BBKA and Bayer would it not be censorship?
Because if we did censor then its a waste of time me running the forum and paying £300 a year for the software and server space.

The whole point of setting up the forum was to allow open topics while not banning members by using bad language as an excuse for a ban rather than speaking out as the reason.

On the other hand if I get members PM me asking that we stop any politics or BBKA-Bayer talk then I am happy to go with that choice,I only run the server and software,the members run the forum.