how much??

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Jun 9, 2009
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hi all
how much fondant should you give or does it not matter just give them a block and let them have it if they want it??
cheers pete
if they do it then i shall
Yes wack a block on and let them get on with it, they will soon use it up.
Thats the very same product most of us use that feed fondant.

Yes it's 12.5kg
I can't comment on the link, but if purchased elsewhere you would want to get technical specifications (ingrediants!)

Some recipes of bakers fondant include creme of tartar which is toxic for bees
And would you just bung it on top of the frames, or on top of the crown board (where in my case the syrup feeder currently sits)?
i bunged it on the cb, hope that was right???
I put mine on the frames under the crownboard with a QE on top of the frames.

You need the surface area of the QE to stop the fondant falling between frames if it gets warm.

On top of the crownboard is ok,but on the frames they will take it down faster.
I feed sugar syrup in the autumn so each colony goes into winter with at least 40lbs of stores then when I do the oxalic in January I add a block of fondant so the bees can help themselves. I put it on top of the frames. It seems to work well and removes the risk of syrup going mouldy and having to check levels.
:cheers2: Mike
If it's a top up feed, then possibly half a block might be more appropriate.
What you want to avoid if possible is a requirement to remove large amounts when the weather picks up and it is all over the top bars like s**t on a blanket. The gloves get sticky, the hive tool is happy to stick to the palm of your hand and if you are unlucky enough to get wild comb with nectar in it mixed into the equation, then the inspection of that particular apiary can become protracted and decidedly messy.:ack2:

The fondant is is exposed to the bees, by slashing or a section of the bag removed but the blue cover should remain on to retain moisture and stop it drying out. if it dries out it will be less easily taken by the bees in cold weather.:)
All that sugar cant be good for their teeth :)
I feed sugar syrup in the autumn so each colony goes into winter with at least 40lbs of stores ... Mike

Is 40lb per hive about standard? I want to make sure I feed my sole colony plenty for the winter - is it possible to give them too much syrup, or in the spring could I just replace some full frames with empty ones to give them more space if necessary?
i know this is a really dumb question, but do u give them that much all in one go or in stages over the winter??
Feed as needed in syrup to build up stores, and fondant in Winter if needed, it is better to put the fondant on there and not need it than not bother and have them starve, you can always use later what they don't take.
i know this is a really dumb question,

Just think how the bees would do it if out there looking after themselves in nature. That's right, Santa does not arrive with extra prezzies for them in the middle of winter.

If they go into winter with enough stores, they do not need to be interfered with until the spring weather makes it suitable for an inspection, unless more important issues arise, like varroah treatment, or they run short of food.

Bees looked after themselves for umpteen million years before the ancestors of man even climbed down out of the trees and stood uprightish.


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