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Mar 19, 2009
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North Derbyshire
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Wow….I can’t believe my luck.

Ok so I have got a Queen right colony and a queen less colony. The QRC needs another super but I was using my spare super frame to cover the rapid feeder on the QLC.

The QLC has got two sealed cells in it and I worked it out that the first cell should have emerged on Wednesday at the very latest. But after checking on Wednesday there was no sign of either cells having emerged.

So today I took the super frame off the QLC and I couldn’t resist taking a look at the two frames to see if I had an emerged virgin.

I was not disappointed that one of my cells had emerged and on was defo dead!

Anyhow when I took the feeder off there was about three bees in it and a tinny bit of syrup in it, so I placed it in front of the hive. I then checked the queen cells and put the hive back together and moved onto the other hive to setup the super.

After I finished I went back to pick up the feeder to take it away and there was one bee left in it….it didn’t look quite right and on closer inspection I could hear it piping its head off! That’s right it was my brand new virgin queen!

I placed the feeder back on the crown board, stuck the lid on and legged it!

Pretty lucky I recon!
If your virgin flies, stay put.


In a panic she goes and she has a snapshot of where her home is, and guess what the major landmark is? Yup.

YOU. The big white thing.

So give her time to settle and return home.


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