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Feb 4, 2020
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I know I read this information somewhere but can’t find it now.

Bees raised a queen from emergency cells, she’s been out and mated a few days, the last being 20th, when I saw her return. Pollen now going in at entrance. I have written in my notes to check for eggs in Aug 3 (allowing a couple of weeks), but doing inspections tomorrow. Should I wait or look tomorrow?

Just to add, this hive has requeened twice since May so hoping they keep her and don’t want to mess things up by looking too soon but also would like to check all is good.
I’d just check waiting an extra few days will make sod all difference
Queens should start laying a few days after mating, so have a look. I have never been concerned about checking whether a queen is laying - or present - provided it's not when the queen might be out mating.
Three weeks I wait for any splits or swarms, nothing else you can do by going in early
The last batch of queens I raised in mating nucs emerged, mated and started laying in 9 days. As Repwood otherwise, if it's from scratch I leave 3 weeks before checking (depending on weather). I will also check early ish or after 5 in case the queen is out mating, especially if the weather has been poor after she emerged .

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